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Step One : Create an account

Simply click the link and enter your information to create your Free XBOX 360 Elite account.

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Some Tips :

  • Use your real info and a real email address (create a new one at Hotmail or Gmail if you like). These sites WILL NOT sell your information. Use your real info so they know where to send your Free XBOX 360 Elite!
  • Don't sign up for the same site twice ~ Remember that only one account is allowed per household.
  • Don't sign up from a public computer, just in case someone else already used that computer to sign up and you get accused of having multiple accounts!

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Step Two : Complete an offer

On your Free XBOX 360 Elite account, go to the Offers Page and complete the offer which you like the best! Check the offer requirements on the Free XBOX 360 Elite site to see what you need to do.

Some Tips :

  • Remember that you can only try each offer one time, even for different Free XBOX 360 Elite sites!
  • Use Internet Explorer to sign up (other browsers may not credit your account properly). Clear your cookies right before you do an offer so that you make sure you get credit for the offer.
  • Temporarily allow cookies (you can turn this off afterwards). Don't worry! This is just need to track who did the offer so that YOU get credit for it! Instructions
  • Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Keep all the details you need, including what offer you did (you can't do the same offer more than once).

Check out this Offer Guide for more info on Free XBOX 360 Elite offers!

Step Three : Refer your friends

To get your Free XBOX 360 Elite, you'll need to refer some friends. There are lots of easy ways to get referrals!

Check out this Referral Guide for help getting referrals so that you can get your Free XBOX 360 Elite!

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