How to Get Free iPod Referrals

Tips and Tricks for getting the referrals you need to complete your freebie sites

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One of the things that dissuades a lot of people from trying to get a freebie like a Free iPod is getting those referrals to complete the requirements. Fortunately there are several ways to collect the referrals required to receive your freebies.

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Getting referrals from people you know

Chances are, you have a lot of friends and family members who would like a free iPod or other gift just as much as you do. A good place to start is your contact list in your email program. Send out your referral link to your friends with some information about the site you are working on so that they know that it is legitimate. We suggest including a link to this site so that your referrals sign up correctly. Remember, don't spam your link to people you don't know, and be aware that only one account per household is allowed.

Advertise your referral link

Make posters and put them up around your neighbourhood. The more people you expose your referral link to, the better your chances are of getting referrals. Be creative!

Conga Lines

What are Conga Lines? A Conga Line is a great way to get referrals for your freebie sites if you don't have enough friends who want to sign up. How it works is you join the conga line by signing up for the site under the top referral link in the Conga Line (note : this must be the first time you have signed up for that site, because you can only register for each site once). Then, you complete the offer requirements and once you receive credit for your offer your referral link is added to the Conga Line. When the person at the top gets all their referrals, the next person moves up, and so on. Conga Lines are best when they are SHORT - meaning that there aren't many people ahead of you in line.

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Try to join Conga Lines which only have one or two people already joined. Check out our Official FreebieScout Conga Lines in our FreebieScout Forums
to see if there is one you would like to join - we can even start a Conga line with YOU at the very top!

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Personal Websites & Blogs

If you have a blog, or a personal website, include your referral link with some information about the site to encourage people to sign up.


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Let your online buddies know about your quest to get a free iPod. When they see how easy the offers are and how quickly you can get referrals, they will be happy to help you out just to get a chance to try it out themselves. Don't spam your link!

Referral Trading

There are a lot of people out there just like you, who want to complete all the requirements for their items as soon as possible. If you are just starting out at getting freebies, you hold a lot of power because you haven't signed up for many sites. Lots of people are happy to trade a referral on your site for one on theirs. Not only do you get to sign up for another great freebie, but you get a referral in the process. Check out our FreebieScout Referral Trading Forums to set up some trades. We also recommend the forums at and It is also possible to trade referrals for cash.

Post Your Referral Links

Add your referral links to your signatures in online forums and your email signature. You are also allowed to post your links in our Share Referral Links Forums.

Traffic Exchanges

Check out our List of Traffic Exchanges for some great places to get traffic to your referral links.

If you ever need any help, feel free to contact our Live Customer Support or drop by our Freebie Forums!