Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting an XBOX 360 Elite for FREE

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How to get a free XBOX 360 Elite

Do you want to get an XBOX 360 Elite for FREE? Have you always assumed that "free XBOX 360 Elite" websites are a SCAM and that all you will get for free is SPAM?

This website is here to tell you how to work the Free XBOX 360 Elite websites to YOUR advantage, so that YOU can actually GET A FREE XBOX 360 Elite!!

There ARE 100% legitimate Free XBOX 360 Elite websites, and we're here to tell you what they are, and how to claim YOUR free XBOX 360 Elite!

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How to get a free XBOX 360

Step One

Create an Account

The first step to get your free XBOX 360 Elite is to register at a free XBOX 360 Elite site. All sites listed here have been PROVEN 100% LEGITIMATE so you know that these sites aren't scams! Choose one or all of them and create an account. IMPORTANT! Remember that you may only create ONE account at each freebie site!

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Some Tips :

  • Use your real info and a real email address (create a new one at Hotmail or Gmail if you like). These sites WILL NOT sell your information. Use your real info so they know where to send your free XBOX 360 Elite!
  • Don't sign up for the same site twice ~ Remember that only one account is allowed per household.
  • Don't sign up from a public computer, just in case someone else already used that computer to sign up and you get accused of having multiple accounts!

How to get a free XBOX 360 Elite

Step Two

Complete an Offer

The next step is to try an advertiser's offer. Don't skip this step! Make sure you complete an offer straight away or you won't be able to receive your freebie. Your registration isn't complete until you try an offer. Lots of people forget this step and then they wonder why they don't get their free XBOX 360 Elite!

Some people are worried that this part of registration will be expensive, but this isn't the case on the free XBOX 360 Elite sites we feature here. In fact, there are lots of offers to choose from and some are TOTALLY FREE! These are great free no obligation trials so you don't have to be worried about being charged a cent.

IMPORTANT - You should always choose an offer which you are genuinely interested in! Take a look through the offer list and see which one appeals to you the most. You are likely to find a cool new product or service this way!

How to get a free XBOX 360 Elite

Some Tips

  • Remember that you can only try each offer one time, even for different free XBOX 360 sites!
  • Use Internet Explorer to sign up (other browsers may not credit your account properly). Clear your cookies right before you do an offer so that you make sure you get credit for the offer.
  • Temporarily allow cookies (you can turn this off afterwards). Don't worry! This is just need to track who did the offer so that YOU get credit for it! Instructions
  • Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Keep all the details you need, including what offer you did (you can't do the same offer more than once).
  • Keep the confirmation email you receive from the offer company, you might need this if for some reason the offer does not credit properly.
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How to get a free XBOX 360 Elite

Step Three

Tell some friends

You're almost done! All you need to do is have some friends sign up using your referral link which you can find by logging into your account at the freebie site. This part isn't as hard as it might seem; there are literally hundreds of ways you can get referrals, even if your friends aren't interested. But once your friends see that you did an offer and you are well on your way to getting a free XBOX 360 Elite, they'll want one too! Tell them to check out this site so you know that they do everything properly, just like you did.

How to get a free XBOX 360 Elite
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Remember ~ You don't like spam, and neither does anyone else. Don't spam your referral link! You could lose your free XBOX 360 Elite account!

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