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Conga Lines

What is a Conga Line?

A Conga Line is a way to get some free referrals while helping out other members. There will always be one person at the top of the Conga Line (the Conga Leader). Anyone who signs up using the Conga Leaders referral link can be added to the Conga Line. Once the Conga Leader has 5 referrals, they will be moved off the line and everyone else moves on up!

How do I join a Conga Line?

To join one of our Official Conga Lines, please follow these steps :
1) Sign up using the Conga Leader's link (find this link in the thread for that site in the Official Conga Lines Forum.
2) Complete the offer requirements. Once you receive credit for your offer, fill out the Conga Line Signup Form IMPORTANT : Please only submit the form AFTER you are "green" (receive offer credit)
3) We will confirm your signup with the Conga Leader and add you to the Conga!

Can I join if I am already signed up at the site?

Unfortunately you can only join the Conga if you are not already signed up for that site.

Can I start a new Conga Line?

If you would like to be at the TOP of a brand new Conga Line, we will start one for you! We only have one Conga Line per site, so it must be a site which we do not already have a Conga Line for (see our complete list of Congas here : Official Conga Lines. To request a Conga Line to be started, please fill out the Conga Line Request Form.

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