Making Money from Incentivized Freebie Websites

How to succeed with online freebies

2007-02-27 22:52

A growing number of people are taking advantage of Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFWs) as a new way to make money online. What is an IFW? Well, it's the legitimate version of those "Click here to get a free iPod" websites you'll often see advertised at the top of other websites. IFWs give out free iPods, Playstations, and even laptops in exchange for signing up for an advertiser's offer and referring some friends.

So how are people making money through these websites? There are three primary ways to make money through this type of marketing. The first is probably the most obvious - sign up, complete the site, and claim your prize. 99% of IFWs offer a "PayPal option", so if you already have an iPod (or whichever prize the site offers) you can take the cash "equivalent" instead, paid directly into your PayPal account. Of course, this "equivalent" is rarely the market value of the item, it's usually higher than what you would get were you to take the physical prize and sell it. The hard part of this approach is getting the referrals you need, but with growing online communities of people willing to be paid or trade for referrals, it's no longer a matter of begging your friends and family to sign up. You can easily finish the requirements of an IFW without the help of people you know, and make a tidy profit.

For the more serious marketer, there is the prospect of running your own IFW. Almost daily new IFWs are launching, offering free cell phones, Nintendo Wiis, and Playstation 3s. Because members can only complete each site once, there will continue to be a number of freebie enthusiasts looking for new sites to join. Running one of these sites can be fairly profitable once a large enough memberbase is established - each member must complete an advertiser's offer, and the advertisers pay the IFWs for the clients directed their way. However, starting an IFW requires significant startup capitol, a website and script, and a support staff, not to mention the expertise in the freebie business to set up a profitable site. With a growing number of IFWs cropping up and fizzling out against the stiff competition of well-established freebie companies, new sites will need an edge such as better customer service, lower referral requirements, or unique prizes to attract new members.

The third way people are making money from IFWs is currently booming. Many people have no interest in completing a site for a prize, but they can still make money from the IFW business. How? Well, there are literally thousands of active freebie site members searching for the referrals that they need to receive their prize, and they are willing to pay people to sign up and complete the offer requirements. An increasing number of members are joining freebie referral trading sites such as, and in order to be paid for signing up.

Of course, the trick to making a profit off IFWs is to choose a legitimate company. Sites like and have user rating systems which grade the sites on customer service and reliability, with the best and most legitimate companies rising to the top.

Of all the "get rich quick" schemes on the internet today, it can be hard to sort through them all to find a legitimate way to make money online. IFWs offer a variety of levels of commitment from online users, and a corresponding potential profit. The economics behind the system allow for a legitimate way to make money for all involved. It may not be possible to make money overnight, but IFWs are certainly the future of making money online.

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2009 March 7, 09:16 Fon Au wrote :
Dear IFWs: I am a new enrolled member. I find it very interesting to work with this program and hope it will be just like you say "a legitimate way to make money online". Thanks. Sincerely yours, Fon Au

2010 March 7, 21:56 freetimeforcash wrote :
I have been working in this industry for several years now, and everything has changed because there are a large numbers of people becoming aware of these opportunities. This opens up the doors to earn substantial income, and everyone benefits.

2011 January 18, 14:12 Larry wrote :
very, very, very helpful.