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Getting an iPod the easy way

2007-08-19 12:32

Free iPods - no catch! It's banner ads like these that make web surfers stop to wonder, "Can it be true? Can I really get an iPod for FREE?" The answer isn't always simple, because many of these "Incentivized Freebie Websites" require you to sign up for a trial of a product or service, which while inexpensive, isn't 100% free. However, there is a new breed of free iPod sites on the net, ones that don't require any credit card information or any cost to you. So what's the catch?

Almost all Incentivized Freebie Websites work on the same principle. Sign up and try an advertiser's offer, then refer some friends to do the same thing. There are usually lots of free or inexpensive offers to try, but many people are hesitant to give out their credit card information online, and for good reason. With the increase in internet credit card fraud, it pays to be careful who you give that number to. So what do you do if you want a free iPod? There are more and more freebie sites offering free iPods, Nintendo Wiis, and even Playstation 3s with no credit card requirement. The "catch" is that you will have to refer more people.

The average number of referrals to get a free iPod from a site which has "credit card required offers" is about 5 or 6, whereas on a "no credit card" site, it can run up to 20. However, we've found a site which offers free 30GB iPods for only 14 referrals. Because people don't have to pay a cent or give out any CC information, it's much easier to get referrals on sites like this.

The offers on "non-cc" sites are mostly surveys. These are quick and easy to complete and don't cost anything. It's easy to get credit right away for your "offer requirements", and then you can show your referrals how simple it is. It's a good idea for you to try your offer first so that you know how the system works before referring your friends.

So why not give it a try? You don't have to worry about your credit card information being stolen or any unexpected charges. It's easy to get referrals and there's nothing to pay. It takes a few more people to get a free iPod this way but the peace of mind that you are getting one through a proven legitimate site with no risk is well worth it.

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Free iPod - no credit card

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2007 September 17, 06:29 tj neal wrote :
wht kind of question was tht

2007 September 20, 23:13 FreebieScout Admin wrote :
Do you mean the math question? That's just to prevent spambots from commenting. =0)

2007 September 24, 10:49 jon wrote :
ive wanted an ipod scince 2 christmases ago=|

2007 October 9, 10:01 Deandra wrote :
A math question

2007 October 10, 21:15 johnathon wrote :
i want a free ps3

2007 October 11, 16:57 matt wrote :
Thankyou so much

2007 October 14, 14:21 vijayakumar v wrote :
just beliving

2007 October 20, 10:42 cameo powell wrote :
i want a free one bad

2007 October 20, 14:12 randy wrote :
I really freaking want a ipod touch

2007 October 28, 23:13 Fidel Martinez wrote :
Tht was so easy!!

2007 October 28, 23:36 FreebieScout wrote :
Yeah, the no-credit-card free iPod sites are pretty easy to complete.

2007 November 1, 12:31 Nana wrote :
Trick question?

2007 November 5, 11:29 mark wrote :
now that was easy

2007 November 12, 04:10 Alex wrote :
I believe it's really cool to get a free iPod without a risk of credit card identity theft. I have a bad credit score and without rebuild credit best credit cards I won't be able to get it.

2007 November 14, 08:09 Katrina Gilliam wrote :
I would like a free ipod sent to *edited* without the surveys or credit cards when you say free thats what you should mean every ipod offers i have seen you have to buy something before you get the ipod and to me that's not free... thank you for your time

2007 November 15, 14:00 FreebieScout wrote :
Hi Katrina. The site listed here does NOT require any purchases or credit card info, that's why it is totally free. You don't need to buy anything, unlike most other sites. On this site, you can just do one survey and that's it.

2007 November 16, 01:11 lanson micheal wrote :
i will like you to give me the ipod

2007 November 17, 12:43 alex wrote :
thankyou for the ipod

2007 November 20, 18:12 kimberly wrote :
giveme an ipod touch with out a survey 100% free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 November 21, 22:47 cristian wrote :

2007 November 23, 22:42 Danielle wrote :
I signed up for this, it wasn't surveys it was offers.

2007 November 24, 00:37 FreebieScout Admin wrote :
Some of the offers are surveys, others are promotional offers.

2007 November 27, 09:03 Tai wrote :

2007 November 28, 01:41 ifra zubairi wrote :
if i get one i will die of happiness

2007 November 29, 01:31 mukul sharma wrote :
please give me an i pod for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 December 4, 14:42 tj wrote :

2007 December 5, 13:56 tyler wrote :
is this ganna work

2007 December 15, 19:14 Mary wrote :
I'm not that stupid I know how to add.

2007 December 15, 20:01 FreebieScout Admin wrote :
The addition question is to prevent spam comments.

2007 December 17, 08:27 Jorge wrote :
Hey Wux up Dj Jc Dot?

2007 December 27, 08:14 Joe wrote :
could you list the offers that are surveys, i can't seem to find them...and most of them link to red sites. visit to check if the site is bad.

2007 December 27, 11:05 FreebieScout Admin wrote :
I did one of the offers where you request information about university programs. You just fill out the form and you are emailed some good information which can help you if you are decided on some education.

2008 January 4, 19:07 danil wrote :

2008 January 6, 12:19 ashley wrote :
i would like to free without a survey or any thing elese

2008 January 6, 15:47 FreebieScout Admin wrote :
Hi ashley. I've never heard of any sites that will give you a free iPod without any offers or surveys. This site is great, because although you do have to try out one offer or survey, you don't need a credit card and you don't have to pay anything at all.

2008 January 15, 16:27 Paco Said wrote :
where can i go to get a free ipod touch without having to agree to any ads?

2008 January 19, 18:29 Sean wrote :
why would you put such an idiot proof question\r\n

2008 January 20, 19:34 lystra wrote :
looks good, hope it's good

2008 January 22, 17:58 amrit wrote :
will i get a ps3 i better

2008 January 22, 17:58 amrit wrote :
better work

2008 January 26, 15:57 Lynee Mueller wrote :
this is cool

2008 January 26, 15:57 Lynee Mueller wrote :
can i have an ipod touch

2008 January 31, 18:28 Savelia Wallace wrote :
I love technology!

2008 February 2, 18:21 sarah wrote :
lol. that was easy. =]]]

2008 February 15, 15:15 randy marshall wrote :
i want a free ipod no credit

2008 February 15, 15:16 randall marshall wrote :
i wanted an ipod scence it came out

2008 February 15, 15:24 randy wrote :
i wanted a i pod for a very long time bout i have no credit

2008 February 16, 18:43 zocimo ugarte wrote :
how can i get a free ipod touch

2008 February 18, 14:51 lisa wrote :
i want an ipod

2008 February 24, 01:35 Gary wrote :
is this a brain storm?

2008 March 22, 18:54 Patrick D wrote :
the URL was not found. This sounds like a easy and relatively quick way to get a free ipod and I would love to try it. If you would send me the correct URL, that would be great! thanks

2008 March 25, 09:35 dedy slamet wiryanto wrote :
i want ipod video

2008 March 26, 14:04 javon willis wrote :
is thiss really free cool

2008 April 9, 17:58 preston roebuck wrote :
i would like a ipod touch please thank you if i get one

2008 April 10, 12:56 samantha mcintyre wrote :
I really want a free ipod but everytime I try to get one I always have to go through the 50 million surveys

2008 April 12, 08:59 djntime wrote :
i want a ipod touch so bad please

2008 April 12, 09:02 djntime wrote :
im 15 and i really want an ipod touch so bad i asked my grandma 2 christmas ago but we couldnt afford it but my grandma past please give me 1

2008 April 13, 11:57 skip wrote :
It seems that the sign up link is down. I have tried several times and it is not going through... Please post if you are having the same problem. Thank you.

2008 April 14, 10:24 Dallas wrote :
I really need a ipod touch for me i had one but my mom returned it

2008 April 19, 18:52 Mike wrote :
i really want a ipod touch

2008 April 20, 04:56 john johnson wrote :
i need some ipods and i will be happy if i can get them

2008 April 29, 11:28 MaryAnn wrote :
i really want a free ipod i cant buy one its to much money

2008 April 30, 04:22 SETH APPIAH wrote :

2008 May 1, 14:59 alexis wrote :
Iwant a free ipod nano now pleas

2008 May 7, 23:35 Tammy Jarvis wrote :

2008 May 14, 07:41 joshua wrote :
i never have won any thing my so i hope this could be my first

2008 May 18, 16:55 Ryan wrote :
what do i have to do to get a free ipod touch without a credit card, i don't care how long it takes, i'll do whatever i have to, i just dont know what to do.

2008 June 2, 16:09 ashley wrote :
OMG im gonna get an ipod nano

2008 June 2, 16:11 casey wrote :

2008 June 7, 20:36 rob wrote :
someone plz help when i get to the site and fill in my e mail and check tht im 13 it says sorry must be 13 or older to sign up is this happing to anyone elses?

2008 June 12, 15:15 Natasha wrote :
Do i really get and ipod?

2008 June 25, 09:20 hina wrote :
i want a free ipod

2008 June 27, 08:49 lisa wrote :
Where are these surveys you are talking about? When I signed up for the site, the only offers I was able to choose from were blockbuster, disney movies, and a couple of ringtone deals. I would love to do that college survey thing you were talking about

2008 July 1, 20:15 joe wrote :
I want a free ipod touch

2008 July 3, 19:34 Gary Thornton wrote :
The ipod Touch is truly an amazing WiFi device that I would love to have in my pocket And I really want one so bad to save me from boredom can l please have one!

2008 July 14, 05:47 Dan (I gotta free iPod!!!!) wrote :
I have already done this thing once and it worked great!! :)

2008 July 17, 21:23 deborah gibby wrote :
ok this is wierd i hope it works!

2008 July 22, 16:29 jimmy wrote :
i want free iphone

2008 July 23, 10:37 Maurice wrote :
i wanted the ipod touch so bad

2008 July 26, 13:03 nicole wrote :
my ipod stoped working and it is really hard to live without my music

2008 September 8, 07:35 promise wrote :
i need a free ipod plzzzzzzzz

2008 September 24, 02:10 Anish N wrote :
this is cool, Thank you so much

2008 October 31, 06:23 india wrote :
thank you for the free ipod i really needed one im the only person in school without one but thanx

2008 November 11, 14:44 Kendra wrote :
Is this the real deal??? cus i REALLY REALLY want one!! but i spent all my money :(

2009 August 12, 14:21 Krystal wrote :
I would love one for free! I have 3 screaming kids .. it would be perfect if I had 3 of them :D

2009 September 19, 16:15 Matthew wrote :
OMG! I just got a free Ipod touch! Trust me, This really works!

2009 October 11, 19:02 tammy wrote :
wow,thats what i said when i got my new ipod touch.I opened the package and it was so amazing i loved thanks to freebiescout i got me a brand new ipod touch!!yay thanks to everybody im still shaking

2010 February 7, 11:11 Jermin Amartey wrote :
Why is this site hidden from people? Its realy one of the best things one can evaer have in life. Good job!

2010 May 8, 23:56 kathrine wrote :
what a great site, thanks,

2010 December 1, 18:07 Jamarcus wrote :
I hope this works and i will love it

2011 March 5, 16:39 leonardo gilburn wrote :
I AM going to be patient but have to read all these information to get the ps3.i really want it because i never own a game or ipod can please make i be one of the lucky person.